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Five different child resistant functions can be applied to all the size of metal packaging, for example, rectangle, square, triangle, hexagon or irregular shape are of no problem. If you could image the child resistant tin, we could do it. The printing and embossing can be customized to build a famous brand for your business. Gen 1 and Gen 2 child resistant tins are emphasized in this article. Product Box, Child Resistant Metal Box , Box Cans , Decorative Metal Tins ,Cans Tins . With the regulation changed, there is no necessary to use child proof tin box for pre-rolls in the future. But there are more States that need child resistant tin packaging for pre-rolls packaging at present. There are some classical child resistant tins for pre-rolls packaging. Gen1 child resistant tin box is the hot option for 3-5 prerolls packaging with PS or paper insert that the traditional child resistant tin with cheaper cost is really popular in THC prerolls market. It could be developed to airtight child proof tin version that needs to add the foam pad and metal holder to form a water-leaking proof airtight space. Gen2 child proof tin version belongs to high-end metal packaging for prerolls that the rolled inside lid and bottom achieves the smooth appearance and portable shape. It’s usually applied to 5 packs prerolls with metal holder. There is a recycling airtight version for Gen2 child proof tin box that the silicone pieces and metal holder, Gen2 tin consists of it. The newest child proof tin box for pre-rolls is the standup slide tin version whose appearance is the same as Gen1 tin version, but the child resistant lock is Gen1 matching slide CR tin. The pre-rolls could be fixed or protected in tins well when closing tin box, the prerolls could be lifted when opening tin and lifting the tin bottom. Usually, it packs 5-12 prerolls. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Tanzania, Dubai,El Salvador, Estonia.After the sales prohibition released in China, it couldn’t be sold on Chinese platform like Alibaba, MIC. If searching it by Google, there are various vape suppliers from the other country and it will be more embarrassing to spend more time to find your competitors. How to find Chinese supplier or factory for vape cartridges? There are two tips for you to find the Chinese suppliers. Firstly, finding the related products to find vape cartridges supplier like vape cartridges child resistant metal box’s supplier who needs vape cartridges to match their insert and they could know more suppliers that you could buy it from them directly or ask them to introduce suppliers to you. Like searching “child resistant tin box for vape cartridge” on Alibaba, you could buy it from them directly if their tin box placed a cartridge because it’s a proof that they could provide it under the sales prohibition policy. Secondly, some Chinese suppliers working for Google Ad and it could be found sometimes on first page of Google. But if you could search Chinese suppliers by some technology blog for vape cartridges, please lock your wallet tighter because they are professional in this field and could develop and provide all kinds of vaporizer cartridges to you. The largest advantage is that they could develop some new items according to the market and precede the new technical. Looking for a vape cartridges supplier? CR Tin could be working for you.

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