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CR Tin doesn’t produce tin box directly, but they equip more factories’ advantage like various certified child resistant tins, customized CR tin ability, lower cost, premium quality, faster production. CR Tin specializes in child resistant tin’s developing, tin mold, CR testing and production, delivery that provides one-stop service. There are at least 10 different child proof structures that could be applied to all kinds of child resistant tins. Various existed child resistant tins with certification could cover all kinds of cannabis product’s package. Faster customized ability ensures the certified child resistant tins could be finished within one and half month from an idea to certified child-proof tin version. CR tin provides child resistant solution for metal packaging, opens tin mold and then transfer tin mold to factory with strict quality control standard that could ensure this child resistant tins wouldn’t be copied in the market and with the lower cost, the faster delivery time and the standard quality. Unlike the other suppliers, CR Tin insists on the recycling material for all kinds of child resistant tins that utilizes the original tinplate to form the stable CR tins and CR Tin is the first Chinese company who has various CR tins with US CR certification. Any requirement for child resistant tins, CR Tin will provide various options with reasonable cost to save more your cost and time. CR Tin – your reliable partner on CR tins. Childproof Box, Tin Small Box , Tin Rectangular Containers , Large Tin Box ,Slide Tin . The taller shape with smaller lid child resistant tin is designed for infused mints packaging. The child resistant lock of standup tin continues Gen1 child resistant tin - Press & Lift lock. The original tinplate without accessories like Gen1 tin that could be classified to the recycling child resistant metal box. The elastic material and two slots on lid locks rolled outside edge to form this standup child-resistant lock. The oblique lid likes a waiter, the press & lift opening style likes lighter, pouring mints as pouring cigarette style, these characters form this cool standup child resistant metal box. The portable tin size, standup shape and funny child proof lock is the best choice for traveling, party or personal use. The three-pieces structure couldn’t be improved to air tight directly, adding extra shrink wrapping to keep disposable air tight like the normal mints in the supermarket will be best solution. For this disposable air tight condition, the mints or gummies will go bad after 1 week when opening lid that is good for sellers. By the way, the unit cost of disposable air tight tin will be cheaper and working faster. Except for THC mints, it could be applied to pack pre-rolls. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Burundi, Liberia,Liberia, Hungary.After the vaporizer prohibition law released in China, the vaporizer item is disappeared in Chinese platform like Alibaba, MIC. If searching it by Google, you could find more your competitors only. How to find Chinese supplier or factory for vape cartridges? Two tips will help you to find the Chinese suppliers. Firstly, finding the related products could find vape cartridges supplier like cartridges child resistant metal box and you could find some pictures with cartridge set in a metal box that means this supplier has more cartridge suppliers working that you could buy it from them directly or ask them to introduce suppliers to you. Like searching “child resistant tin box for vape cartridge” on Alibaba, you could buy it from them directly if their tin box placed a cartridge because it’s a proof that they could provide it. Secondly, some Chinese suppliers working for Google Ad that could be found sometimes on first page of Google. If you could search some technology blogs for vape cartridges introducing, this will be Mr Right because the professional skill in this field could develop and provide all kinds of vaporizer cartridges to you. Developing some new items according to the market and precede the new technical is their biggest advantage. Looking for a vape cartridges supplier? CR Tin could provide help to you.

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