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There are at least five different child resistant functions that could be applied to all tin size of metal packaging, for example, rectangle, square, triangle, hexagon or irregular shape could be matched well. Every tin box could be achieved to child-resistant version by CR Tin. As customized child resistant tins, Gen1 and Gen2 child resistant tins could be a classical example. Printed Tin Cans, Child Resistant Metal Packaging , Child Proof Metal Packaging , Tea Tin Container ,Gift Cans . This airtight child resistant tin is based on Gen1 rectangular hinged child resistant tin. Unlike the other airtight child resistant tin, the airtight standard of CR Tin is the strictest that packs water or under water without any leaking. The hinged area of Gen1 child resistant tin is the largest trouble for air tight space. Adding the metal holder to resist the gaps of hinge and the connection area between lid and bottom and then increasing a silicone piece in lid to keep air tight space is the best solution. Gen1 child resistant tin box would be air tight after closing tin box that the inside metal holder is pressed tightly by silicone gasket on lid to form an airtight space. Thicker and softer silicone gasket could keep the tolerance on metal holder that could ensure the quality of tins. The appearance of tin, but it needs to add the metal holder and silicone gasket to keep Gen1 child resistant tin box with fully airtight. It’s totally air tight condition and recycling child resistant tin box that could be applied to various infused items like pre rolls, gummies, flower or cartridges. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Roman, Salt Lake City,Bahrain, Jeddah.There are two premium options for half gram vape cartridge metal packaging that is slide child resistant tin case CRALR795414 and the other is hinged child proof tin box CRALR943420. They are both belong to high-end child resistant tins for half gram cartridge packaging. The characters of two items are as below.

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