Hexagon Hinged Child Resistant Tin Box

It’s developed in 2019 and finished the CR certification in 2020 which is an exclusive CR tin as a spare tin. But this child resistant hexagon hinged tin box is released in this month. There is no hexagon child resistant tin in the market, this hinged CR hexagon tin will be the only option. Comparing paper hexagon box in the market, hexagon tin will be exquisite and high-end that hard material could protect gummies well, various printing style achieves nice appearance, hidden child resistant lock with hinged structure brings the best using experience, the portable size and stackable feature lets customers to use it conveniently. If you want to build a new brand or a high-end brand, this hexagon child resistant hinged tin is the best choice.

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The child resistant lock is the same as Gen2 tin version that is hinged structure with rolled inside edge. Comparing Gen2 child resistant tin, hexagon child resistant tin needs accurately tin mold to control child resistant mechanism so that the hinged tin could be opened – Press & Lift smoothly. This CR hinged hexagon tin applies single slot in the middle of side matching deeply rolling inside edge to hold slot that could ensure the child resistant lock working well. 65x65x20mm tin size could ignore the structure limit that the corner color will be lighter after stretching process because the color could be controlled well when this smaller size is applied.

There are various child resistant tins in the market, but no company likes us that have the strongest developing ability. We have more than 10 kinds of different structure child resistant tins with CR certifications that we did. For this hexagon hinged child resistant tin, it’s just one of our developments for gummies packaging. 

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Except for gummies packaging, our square CR tin tube is designed for vape cartridge packaging, square tin cube is designed for jellies packaging, standup tin for mints packaging, trapezoid CR tin(stock) for pre-rolls packaging. Our round CR tin is the cheapest tin version in the market, Gen1 and Gen2 airtight CR tin version is famous for pre-rolls or gummies packaging. All kinds of child resistant tin could be found from us and most of child resistant tins in the market belong to our developing or same version. Any requirement for child resistant tin box, CR Tin could achieve it to save you more time and cost.      

Post time: Nov-21-2023