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The tendency for infused pre-rolls will be air tight child resistant metal packaging without plastic. There are various rectangular CR tins in the market, but no one could provide a premium high-end pre-roll metal box that is CR certified tin, air tight condition with hidden CR lock, fully recycling material and reasonable cost like CR Tin. Printed Tin Containers, Rectangle Metal Container , Child Resistant Tin Box , Small Rectangular Tin Containers ,Child Resistant Tin Case . Because of the large space and pretty appearance, the drum-shape tin can is usually applied to candle packaging. A new drum-shape childproof tin was developed by CR Tin for infused items packaging that the original child proof lock Turn & Lift is added to this tin. There are two slots in the necking of tin bottom matched two grooves in lid, the deformation problem is solved by elastic tinplate material and there is no accessories for this child proof tin, drum-shape establishes the attractive appearance with childproof tin lock, these characters make this tin unique. It belongs to a series childproof tin with CRALD7625 that insists on the original tinplate to reduce the labor, material cost and the structure could make the airtight condition easily. This structure could be the regular method that adding a silicone piece on lid to keep the water-leaking proof air tight condition and the drum-shape could be adapted to various volume without structure changed. It’s designed for packaging marijuana flower and candy or gummies. Keeping marijuana flower dry and gummies fresh by this water-leak proof childproof tin will be more easily. All the parts of this air tight childproof tins belong to fully recycling material and food grade that the flower or gummies could be packed with this tin container directly. Choose this certified air tight child proof tin can for infused flower or gummies will be more convenient for the business. The best air tight and child proof condition, the cheaper unit cost, the unique shape and attractive appearance will be the reasons that you choose it. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,USA, Panama,Miami, Portland.The classical hinged tin box 100x60x20mm is chose by most of larger customer. Hinged structure protecting mints well, different tin size meeting the requirement of difference volume, traditional opening style calling more memories, larger space taking out mints easily, these advantages form this tin to pack mints appropriately. Comparing slide tin case, hinged tin box has larger space to meet the larger volume of mints.

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