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The next packaging market for cannabis prerolls will be airtight child resistant metal packaging. The rectangular shape child resistant tin box is rare. Maybe some guys can find one round hear with rectangular shape CR tin. It’s not suitable for prerolls packaging. Also there is solution for airtight CR tins for cannabis prerolls. Adding integrally metal pieces to ALS10718 with silica gel into lid will be perfect solution for it. Samples will be available around 12/15. Box Carton, Small Tin Box , Aluminum Tin Containers , Child Resistant Metal Box ,Aluminium Tin Box . There is no airtight child resistant tin case for slide tin case because tin lid couldn’t lock the tin bottom with sliding version and the foam or silicone gasket will affect the slide child resistant function. How to keep the airtight and child resistant lock working together? It needs the extra accessories – blister/clam shell to achieve airtight with child resistant lock. There are two child resistant versions for clam shell child resistant slide tins that is the normal tin case with child resistant clam shell or the child resistant tin box with the normal clam shell. Comparing the child resistant clam shell with normal tin case, the other version will be matched very well that could be opened easily. The hinged clam shell could provide the airtight condition, but it needs to be pasted on the tin bottom and the blister wouldn’t be dropped out. It’s two parts that clam shell keeps the prerolls stable and the outside tin case attracts customers. This is the half airtight version, but most of customers could accept it. No need to pay more cost or add more accessories for airtight condition, it’s PS insert with tin case could keep the half airtight version for this child resistant tin case. Usually, it could keep pre-rolls dry or gummies fresh around 10 days under the dry condition. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Bolivia, Slovakia,Swedish, Florence.For vape cartridge packaging, there are various options in the market like blister for the general cartridge, paper box for high-end version and metal packaging for luxury vape cartridge. CR Tin specializes in luxury vape cartridge metal packaging version. There are some child resistant tin boxes for packaging one gram vape cartridge.

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