Small Rectangle Child Proof Tin Box

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This small rectangle child proof tin box insists on the original tinplate to form child resistant mechanism. Two slots and elastic tinplate ensure the stable child resistant function – Press&Lift. It’s a series of child resistant version with large child resistant tin box and airtight child resistant tin box. It meets most of packaging requirement for infused products. And they are certified child resistant tin version that can be applied to the market directly. Usually, it’s working for a series of products with the same child resistant structure and different tin size.

Brand: Custom printing

Feature: Certified child-resistant

Material: 0.23mm tinplate

Outside size: 80x60x21mm

Inside size: 76×56.5x20mm

MOQ: 5,000pcs

Usage: Prerolls, Gummies, Cartridge

Extra working: butter paper, display box, PS insert

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Introducing our small rectangular childproof iron box, the perfect solution for safely storing and packaging a variety of products. This innovative tin box is designed with a child safety mechanism to ensure that the contents are out of reach of young children.

Made from original tinplate, this small rectangular tin box features two slots and elastic tinplate that together create a stable, secure child safety feature. Simply press and lift to open the box, providing easy access for adults while keeping children safe from potential hazards.

In addition to small sizes, we also offer large child safety tin boxes and airtight child safety tin boxes to meet a wide range of packaging needs. Whether it is medicines, infusion products, or other items that require child-safe packaging, our iron box designs can meet the packaging requirements of most infusion products.

Our small rectangular child-proof tin boxes have been certified as child-proof tin boxes and are ready for market use. This certification gives both manufacturers and consumers peace of mind that the contents are stored safely out of the reach of children.

Our small rectangular child-safe jars feature durable construction and reliable child-safety mechanisms, making them ideal for packaging products that require extra protection. Whether for personal or commercial use, this iron box provides a safe and convenient storage solution.

Choose our small rectangular child-resistant jars for a reliable, child-resistant packaging option that meets the highest safety standards. Keep your products safe and out of the reach of children with this innovative and practical tin box solution.

Small Airtight Rectangle Child Proof Version

Custom Printing

Various Usage

This series child resistant tin got the US CFR1700 certification. It's classical child resistant mechanism - Press&Lift, no need accessories and keep the original tinplate to consist of this child proof tin box. This tin version has been upgraded to airtight child proof tin box that foam pad with inner bottom forms a sealed space.

The printing or embossing can be customized. There is no extra cost to add artwork on this airtight hinged child proof tin box and the customzied process is easily. Who will refuse this perfect child resistant tin with exquiste printing to pack their happniess?

The inside size 3"x2.22"x0.78" is developed for gummies, prerolls or cartridge packaging. This child proof tin has airtight version that can pack, mint, edibles, mini prerolls, cartridges directly and it's one stop working from packing infused products to sell it on market.


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