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Round child resistant tin can is the normal CR tin in the market. Most mechanisms of round child resistant tins belong to Press&Turn. It’s the same as plastic child resistant box-the classical design. From the application, some companies chose three-lids structure, some companies chose tin with plastic lid or two-lids with accessories. The other round child resistant tin can is Lift&Turn. It’s one-piece lid structure and the embossing area in the body through the gap of lid area. This method meets child resistant compliance with the lowest cost. Mint Tin Box, Metal Gift Tins , Small Square Tin , Rectangular Tin Cans ,Tin Container . Unlike CRALD7830 Press & Turn child proof lock, CRALD7625 applies the original tinplate structure with Turn & Lift child proof mechanism that could reduce the cost and inferior tins on mass production. It’s rolled inside lid and bottom to form this hidden child resistant lock and then match the elastic tinplate so that this child proof tin can could be working stably. CRALD7625 applies slots and grooves style to consist of child proof tin can that two slots on necking area of bottom lock the rolled inside lid and the lid could be released only when two slots pass two grooves on lid only. This practical design could reduce the unit cost and keep the exquisite appearance, it’s a good option for round child resistant tin can. For the structure of this child proof tin can, it could be improved to airtight version easily that adding a silicone gasket on lid would be working perfectly (airtight means the tin packing water without leaking). The silicone gasket wouldn’t affect the child proof lock and it could help child proof lock working well. It’s recycling airtight child proof tin can in the market that the lighter weight, lower unit cost, good-looking forms this popular certified airtight child proof tin can. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Borussia Dortmund, Kuwait,Dubai, venezuela.Slide tin box 96x60x10mm is popular version so that the horizontal slide style is unique to get mints easily and the lid could be locked well by bottom. Unlike vertical slide tin, horizontal slide tin releases the large space for taking out mints and placing a printing butter paper to increase the impression of brand. The horizontal slide tin has the large outside for printing and embossing working and the short height allows the mints could be arranged one by one. It’s a nice choice with portable, decent slide, fixed mints, taking out mints easily characters.

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