Pod Slide Tin Case

Short Description:

Brand: Custom

Feature: Slide Tin

Material: 0.23mm tinplate

Outside size: 100x50x12mm

Inside size: 96x46x11mm

MOQ: 5,000pcs

Usage: Pod, Mints, Prerolls

Extra working: Foam , PS insert, Butter paper

Product Detail

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The compact tin size is designed for pod packging. No spare space, the foam insert covers and protects pad well, the middle area of foam with two fingers position that allows pad could be taken out easily. The lid fully covering tin body shows the integrated structure of tin box that increases the level of this pod. The rolled inside lid should be finished exactly, so the lid could wrap tin bottom without scratch. The background black color with the laser etched printing style highlights the brand of pod that makes the whole slide tin case more attractive.


Full Covering Slide Tin Box

Custom Printing

Various Usage

Comparing the normal slide tin box, this slide tin case is luxury for pod packaging. Fully lid covering tin bottom builds one part of tin version, compact size with foam stands out the pod in tins, classical artwork with special printing working brings an attractive tin case, all the advantages form a fashion slide tin case for pod packaging.

It applied metallic printing style and covered matt finish for black background color with glossy finish for logo area. The final printing result shows the laser etched(shiny silver) printing style that is really pretty and belongs to high-end market tins.

This is designed for pod packaging, but it could pack mints or prerolls well. Packaging pod needs foam insert to hold it, mints need butter paper and prerolls need paper insert.


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