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The rolled inside child resistant metal box plus silicone gasket keeps odor and moisture proof. Three parts consist of this sealed child-resistant tin, silicone gasket and PS insert. PS insert, silicone gasket on lid of tin box forms a sealed space. Usually, it will be applied to prerolls, gummies packaging. Metal Gift Tins, Chocolate Steel Box , Child Proof Metal Box , Candy Packaging ,Tiny Tin Can . On 2018, this square child proof tin box is finished for chocolate bar packaging. Gen2 hidden child resistant lock was applied to this tin box. Unlike the small tin size, the child proof lock for this square version needs to be changed a bit so that the child proof lock could be adapted this tin size well. One hand could hold this tin fully, so two slots on necking bottom have to be changed to one slot and then this tin case could be opened with Press & Lift style. The advantages of Gen2 child resistant tin box are kept that is exquisite appearance, portable tin shape with cheaper cost. This square tin case matching a PS insert could fix and protect chocolate well. According to the size and shape of chocolate, the PS insert will be designed to match tin. Usually, increasing the finger position to PS insert will make chocolate take out easily. The insert material or size is customized by the chocolate shape like chocolate ball, it needs the butter paper or paper cup matching the round child proof tin so that the space could be utilized sufficiently. The round child proof tin applies the Turn & Lift mechanism with elastic tinplate to form a cheaper, smooth, attractive metal packaging for chocolate ball packaging. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Malta, South Korea,Serbia, Puerto Rico.There are various options in the market like blister for the general cartridge, paper box for high-end version and metal packaging for luxury vape cartridge packaging. Luxury vape cartridge metal packaging version is CR Tin’s field. Some child resistant tin samples for one gram vape cartridge packaging will help you know the luxury tins deep .

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