Round Airtight Child Proof Tin Can

Short Description:

Brand: Custom printing/embossing

Feature: Certified Airtight child-proof

Material: 0.23mm tinplate

Outside size: D75x25mm

Inside size: D68x22mm

MOQ: 5,000pcs

Usage: Edibles, Gummies, Cartrige

Extra working: display box , paper insert, butter paper

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There is no difference between normal tin box with this round child proof tin can. There is a gap in the lid and three slots in bottom side, it will be opened when the gap passes through a slot of three. Two slots keep the lid tight and ensure the lid wouldn't be opened easily, it needs Lift and Turn to open this child proof tin version. Comparing the rectangle airtight child resistant tin box, adding silicone pieces to this round airtight child proof tin can directly because the rolled inside lid can hold silicone gasket very well. All the features achieve the lower cost with stable child proof mechanism and the lower weight. It's fully tinplate material with silicone gasket for this airtight round child proof tin can that belongs to sustainable packaging.


Certified Airtight Round Child Proof Tin Can

Custom Printing

Various Usage

This certified round child proof tin can passed the child-resistant certified. The child proof structure overcomes the higher cost with smaller defective tin for most of the regular and complex tins in the market. There is no conflicting between airtight and child proof version because of this child proof metal pakcaging with larger falut tolerence to ensure no defective tins on mass production.

Any printing or embossing can be applied to this child proof metal box. No need extra cost or working for custom brand, it's the necessary condition for a famous company to prmote their products with the exquiste printing tin can.

The inside size diameter 2.67" and height 0.866" works for edibles or gummies very well. Airtight vrsion and food grade tinplate material allows edibles or gummies to be packed and sold to the market directly. It will save more process, time and cost according to choose this airtight child proof tin can.


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