Airtight Child Resistant Tin Case for Cartridge

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Feature:Certified child-resistant

Material:0.23mm tinplate

Outside size:95x42x18mm

Inside size:90x38x17mm


Usage:Mints, Cartridge, Edibles

Extra working:display box , PS insert

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Hinged Airtight Child Resistant Tin Case

It's still Gen2 child-resistant tin version that applied two-pieces hinged structure with hid CR mechanism. Unlike the usual airtight style, this tin case uses plastic holder and foam pad as airtight parts. In order to keep water-leaking proof airtight condition, the tolerance of all accessories should be controlled within reasonable scope that means this tin case needs accurate tin mold and then the mass production of this airtight child resistant tin case can be working well. If closing this CR tin case, water couldn't be leaked when shaking or  crashing. It's a successfully smell-proof/water-leaking proof airtight child resistant tin case that can pack extract directly.

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Smell-proof Child Resistant Tin Version

Custom Printing

Various Usage

Comparing metal holder, plastic holder can keep the original taste of item and no worries the moist item and rust trouble. It could undergo the strict airtight testing - packing water without leaking and sinking water without inflowing. The smoothing outside with inside child-proof features consist of this high-end packaging, the foam and plastic parts ensure all the infused items can be packed without any problem, the best airtight version makes these tins portable.

The printing or embossing can be customized. Just adding artwork into our dieline, the customzied child-resistant tin samples will be finished after 10 days. For this high-end child resistant tin case, applied metallic background with matt finish and keeping logo with glossy finish, then the whole artwork will be more shiny and attractive - it's the high-end printing style.

This child resistant tin case is designed for packing cartridge and edibles. The best smell-proof and water-leaking features allow this CR tin case to pack all cannabis item. The food grade plastic holder and foam pad, the moistureproof material, the stable child-resistant characters form this perfect cartridge/edibles metal box packaging.

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