Airtight Rectangle Child Proof Tin Box

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The suitable size of this airtight rectangle child proof tin box can be applied to pack most of prerolls, edibles, cartridges or flower directly. The Press and Lift child resistant feature is made of original tinplate material without any accesoories and it can be opened smoothly with two hands. The printing or embossing can be customized as the artwork. The food grade material ensures the edibles, .5 gram prerolls, cartrdige, flower can be packed directly and airtight character ensures no extra pack for keeping fresh and humidity.

Outside size: 100x60x20mm

Inside size: 96.5x59x19mm

Material: 0.23mm tinplate

Brand: Customized

Feature: airtight and cerified child resistant

Usage: Prerolls, edibles, cartridges

MOQ: 5,000pcs

Additional service: PS/paper/foam or paper sleeve, box

Stock tin: no

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Introducing our airtight rectangular child-proof jars, the ultimate solution for safely packaging pre-rolls, groceries, boxes or flowers. Made from high-quality food-grade materials, this airtight rectangular jar offers the perfect combination of safety and convenience.

Designed with safety in mind, our child-safe press and lift mechanism keeps the contents of the jar out of the reach of children, giving you confidence that your products are stored safely. The original tinplate material used in the box's construction adds an extra layer of durability, making it a reliable choice for packaging a variety of items.

The airtight nature of tinplate boxes helps preserve the freshness and quality of the contents, ensuring they stay in top condition for a long time. This makes it ideal for storing perishable goods or sensitive products that need to be protected from external elements.

Our sealed rectangular children's tin box has a stylish and compact design that is not only practical but also beautiful. The smooth, seamless surface adds a touch of sophistication to the packaging, making it suitable for a variety of products.

Conveniently sized, this tin box is versatile and practical, suitable for a variety of applications. Whether you are a cannabis retailer looking for secure pre-roll and tube packaging solutions or a food manufacturer in need of reliable product containers, our cans are the perfect choice.

Additionally, the easy-to-use press and lift mechanism allows for smooth opening with two hands without the need for additional accessories. This user-friendly feature enhances the overall experience of using the tin box, making it a worry-free solution for businesses and consumers alike.

All in all, our airtight rectangular childproof tin boxes combine safety, durability and functionality, making them an excellent packaging solution for a variety of products. Invest in the safety and quality of your cargo with our premium iron boxes.

Certified Airtight Child Resistant

This child resistant feature - Press and Lift passed CFR1700 certification. The inside space reaches on the first class airtight standard - water leaking proof to keep edibles, prerolls or flower dry and fresh. The foam pad and inside bottom is the best structure for heat proof to keep the best quality of edibles.

Custom Printing

The nice artwork with exquist printing and high-quality feel of embossing moves the heart of customers. Start your high-end products from a custom tin packaging.

Various Usage

The inside size 3.8"x2.32"x0.75" can pack most of edibles, jellies, gummies, .5g prerolls (1-10), cartrdiges(two .5g or one 1g) and flower. The airtight feature is  the guareete to keep fresh and airtight function can be used always to pack the other items.

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