Smaller Slide Child Proof Tin Can

Short Description:

Brand:Custom printing

Feature:Certified child-proof

Material:0.23mm tinplate

Outside size:79x54x14mm

Inside size:76x51x13mm


Usage:Pre-rolls, Mints, Cartridge

Extra working:butter paper, display box , PS insert

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Slide Child Proof Tin Case

This small tin case is designed for cartridge packaging. The foam insert with printing paper card holds cartridges very well and increases the impression of brand. It applies full tin structure that belongs to recycling child resistant tin version and it needs the customized tinplate material to keep the hard and elastic, so this child resistant mechanism can be working more times without deformation. The child proof lock - Press&Slide is well-known on the market, the certified child proof tin size is the quality guaranty, the best developing system ensures all the inserts can be matched in time.

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Small Slide Child Proof Version

Custom Printing

Various Usage

This slide child proof mechansim is the Gen 3 series -  Press&Slide. Insisting on special elastic tinplate makes the best child resistant function that this child proof tin is stable after more times pressing with best child resistant condition continuously. The automatic machine line ensures the quality could be controlled well.

The printing or embossing can be customized. There is no extra cost to add artwork on this slide child proof tin case and the customzied process is easily - putting the artwork on dieline. If you want to start high-end market or sell products with nice cost, choosing an exquiste metal packaging will be the first step.

The inside size 3"x2"x0.51" is developing for half gram cartridge packaging with paper card and foam insert that belongs to disposable high-end packaging. Except for cartridge, it can pack mints, edibles or prerolls with butter paper very well.

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