Vertical Child Resistant Tin Box

Short Description:

Brand:Custom printing

Feature:Certified child-proof

Material:0.23mm tinplate

Outside size:110x70x20mm

Inside size:106x67x19mm


Usage:Pre-rolls, Gummies

Extra working:butter paper, display box , PS insert

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It's the same as Gen2 child resistant tin box, but the direction is vertical. Comparing Gen2 horizonal child resistant tin box, this version will be more attractive because the pre-rolls could be displayed obviously and took out easily by the vertical direction. There are two airtight versions for vertical version that is pasting silicone gasket with flat lid or flat silicone gasket with sanking lid. Sanking gasket could save more cost, time and form a stackable tin version easily.  Both two airtight condition is the same that belongs to water-proof sealed standrad. It's designed for pre-rolls packaging.

CRT1107020 (9)

Gen2 Child Resistant Tin Box

Custom Printing

Various Usage

The child resistant lock and airtight structure is the same as Gen2 version. The only difference is child resistant slots on the shorter side that is not convenient to press and lift. The right option will be holding the tin bottom and then press the middle of tin bottom to release the lock. Vertial Gen2 version is the improving child resitant tin version for pre-rolls packaging and it will be portable.

The printing and embossing could be customized. Unlike the other child resistant tin, vertical version could be the high-end option because of the smooth appearance with hidden lock matching the attractive printing like gold foil, metallic logo with matt backgroud to form a luxury metal packaging for pre-rolls.

The inside size 4.17x2.25" is developing for half gram pre-rolls packaging with metal holder and silicone gasket that belongs to water-proof airtight high-end metal packaging. Except for cartridge, it can pack mints, edibles or gummies.

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