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Comparing other companies, CR Tin has various certified child resistant tins that exceed more than 10 different child-resistant locks. These child resistant locks will ensure that all the tin boxes could be changed to child-resistant tin version. For example, the CR mechanism of our round child proof tin is Press & Turn or Lift & Turn, the rectangle CR mechanism is Press & Lift or Push & Lift, the irregular tin structure could be Hold & Push & Press. Let’s introduce blew tins for better understanding. Embossed Tin Box, Infused Candy Tin Box , Tin Box Design , Child Resistant Tin Case ,Pre-Rolls Metal Packaging . With the regulation changing, no need to use child proof tin box for pre-rolls in the future will be a tendency. But more States need child resistant tin packaging for pre-rolls packaging in this period still. There are some classical child-resistant tins for pre-rolls packaging. Gen1 child resistant tin box is a popular option for 3-5 pre-rolls packaging matched PS or paper insert, this recycling child resistant tin with cheaper cost is the best choice for most of customers in THC pre-rolls market. The air tight child proof tin version could be improved easily that adds the foam pad and metal holder to make this tin with a water-leaking proof air tight space. High-end metal packaging for pre-rolls packaging should belongs to Gen2 child resistant tin that the rolled inside lid and bottom forms the smooth appearance and portable shape. Usually, it adds a printing metal holder to pack 5 pre-rolls. The developing air tight Gen2 tin is the luxury option that the fully sustainable material like tin box, metal insert, silicone gasket could keep the packaging advantage always. The standup slide tin version that appearance is the same as Gen1 tin version is the newest child proof tin box for pre-rolls packaging and the child resistant lock continues the Gen1 CR tins. The pre-rolls could be fixed or protected well that is basic element, making tin case with attractive appearance and funny function will be the successful child proof tins for pre-rolls pack. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Sao Paulo, Ecuador,Lithuania, Milan.The size of larger Gen1 child resistant tin is 120x60x20mm. Comparing the other child resistant tin box, Gen1’s child resistant lock could match PET window well and no extra accessories for this child resistant tins. The inside space is appropriate to fit one set vape battery pen set. The transparent PET window could display the vape battery pen directly and Gen1’s child resistant lock Press & Lift could be opened without instruction because of the obvious child-resistant lock, the customized PS insert could protect vape pen set well, these characters consist of this attractive vape battery pen set child resistant metal packaging.

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