Are your child resistant tin boxes with US child resistant certification?

Yes, all of our child resistant tin boxes are US child resistant certified.

Do you have the capacity to customize child resistant tin box as requirement?

Yes, all the child resistant tin box can be customized to any shape or size by us.

Could the child resistant tin box work with our artwork and embossing?

Yes, the custom artwork and embossing can be added to these child proof tin boxes. Choosing the right CR tin, sending the dieline, putting artwork on dieline, making tin samples, confirming and starting mass production.

Could you provide artwork designing and sea shipping service?

Yes, it’s no problem to provide one-stop service from designing artwork, making tin samples, mass production, sea shipping that all the process can be finished by us. No need to handle anything, just waiting for these exquisite packaging.

What’s the lead time for tin samples and mass production?

3-5 days for existed tin samples, 10-12 days for custom tin samples, 30-35 days for mass production, 20-35 days for sea shipping.

What’s the MOQ and cost for child resistant tin box?

MOQ is 5,000pcs and the unit cost depends on the size of tin box.

Would you protect our concept if you achieved our it to child resistant tin?

Yes, the developing child resistant tin will be working for you only if you have the protecting requirement.

Is it possible to make our airtight child resistant tin with sustainable material?

Yes, it’s no problem to keep all the material with sustainable version and most of our airtight child resistant tins are tin box set and silicone pieces only.

Are you developing child resistant tins by your team continually?

Yes, most of child resistant tins are developed by us in the market. And there are one or two new child resistant tins will be released to our customer per three months.